It’s always an amazing feeling to know your country is at the top of a list, beating other countries. It’s a feeling like no other. We get a sense of pride as a Malaysian, knowing that our country is actually at the top of something.

However, that pride is short-lived when you find out Malaysia is at the top of the list, for the worst taxi drivers in the world.

Quite recently, Malaysia has been crowned first place in a list of 10 countries that have the worst taxi drivers across the globe.

The list was compiled by British comparison site, who published it on their website which was rather popular among individuals who often use taxis to commute.

Tourists who travel to a said country also often venture the website to see what form of transportation would be best for the country they are visiting.

Some of the factors taken into consideration when compiling this list and deciding if a taxi service is bad include language constraints, credibility, the attitude of the taxi drivers and issues concerning taxi fares.


Fortunately, Malaysia is not the only Asian city in the list as Bangkok, Shanghai and Mumbai join our ranks.

Here is the full list:

1. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

2. Rome, Italy

3. Bangkok, Thailand

4. Paris, France

5. New York, America

6. Mumbai, India

7. Zürich, Switzerland

8. Cairo, Egypt

9. Shanghai, China

10. Moscow, Russia

Rome came in second on the list, after Malaysia for their extravagant rates and harsh regard for customer satisfaction while Bangkok came in third on the list for having taxi drivers who constantly got lost and do not know directions to destinations.

Customers of the taxi services in Malaysia are no strangers to deceitful tricks by the cunning taxi drivers. They overcharge customers and detour as much as possible to rake in a higher bill.

British comparison site stated in a report that Malaysian taxi drivers refuse to charge according to the meter even though they are supposed to. The meter isn’t just a decoration of sorts for the taxi’s dashboard. It actually serves a purpose; a purpose the taxi drivers are neglecting in order to earn more money.

The taxi comparison website advised passengers to un-board the taxi should the driver refuse to use the meter and wait instead for another taxi.

Johor Bahru Taxi

They also described the condition of the taxis in Kuala Lumpur to be rather old and in poor condition. A taxi ride in Kuala Lumpur or rather the entire Malaysia is almost never a comfortable one.

The Malaysian Insider recently reported that Lanang MP Alice Lau was fleeced by a taxi driver who charged her RM79 for a 4.65km trip from the Parliament building to Bukit Bintang in Kuala Lumpur.

According to her booking details, the trip should have cost RM20.

Lau, who is from Sarawak and was unfamiliar with KL roads, said that the taxi driver took two hours to get her to her destination, before charging RM79.

She was also given an empty receipt when she requested for one, prompting her to lodge a report with the Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD).

Taxi company, MyTeksi Sdn Bhd, subsequently suspended the taxi driver in question.

To make matters worse, taxi drivers in Kuala Lumpur began rioting against Uber drivers; breaking the windshields of Uber drivers and dragging out their customers to the back of their own taxis.

Uber has so far, not received any negative reviews or comments in Malaysia and offer a better service than the service offered by Malaysian taxis at a fair and cheaper price.

Considering the fact that Malaysians know taking a Malaysian taxi will get you ripped off, many of them resort to taking Uber cars, leaving Malaysian taxi drivers with little to none customers.

If the taxi drivers were providing good service, then the riot would be understandable. But then, they offer lousy service, cheat our money and are incredibly rude and yet, they wish to riot against Uber drivers. It makes no sense, really.

It’s like opening a restaurant. Over time, your establishment’s quality in dishes drop and your food just isn’t that tasty anymore. So, a lot of your regulars choose to go to Mc Donald’s instead. You, an angry restaurant owner, decide to go to Mc Donald’s, vandalise their property and drag your customers to your restaurant instead? Doesn’t seem right, does it?

The right thing to do would be to hire a better chef and improve the taste of your dishes and win back your customers.

Same can be said for Malaysia’s taxi drivers.

Provide a proper and honest service, and maybe, Malaysians might consider hailing a Malaysian taxi instead of Uber.

The taxi drivers of Malaysia need a wake up call. They need to drastically improve themselves.

This list of the worst taxis in the world is one where Malaysia would be glad to not be in.

LondonCabs’s founders have had over 20 years of experience in transport and I believe them when they say that Malaysia has the worst taxi drivers in the world.

Don’t be mistaken though, when I say I believe them, it’s not because of their two decades of experience with transport. It’s because I myself have been victim to Malaysian taxi drivers in the past.

I, among many other Malaysians believe Malaysia’s taxi industry should improve itself.


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