Fazz & Friends feat. Diandra Arjunaidi

27 Jan - No Black Tie

Date: 27 January 2016
Time: 9.00PM
Cover: RM30

Theatrical, Flamboyant, Humorous and Passionate. These are the words theme that makes the band, FAZZ. Bred in Malaysia very own Kuala Lumpur , Fazz began as 4 musicians working together to bring entertainment on stage using the dated 1940s concept as their genre, Fazz infuses theatrical broad-way feel into modern day poetry.

Fazz music was born and started by Kevin, who has unique and catchy melodies and Grace with the uncommon Chordal harmonies. They met with Farouque who comes up with pop arrangement.
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Being in the performance field of a year, Fazz has created their own mark in the field. Being the first crown champion for ‘Diamond in the Rough’ at the Venue and snatching the first place for ‘Sonica Song Writing Competition’, Fazz focuses on delivering entertainment not just by original materials, but also by their quirky theatrical presentation and unique style.

Diandra made her debut after being discovered through the power of social networking back in 2009. Since kickstarting her singer-songwriter then, she has accomplished a great amount of success for somebody of such a young age.