Seventh Heaven at Seven Terraces

Click on Trip Advisor and you Can See the Hotel on the Top of the List

Seven Terraces Boutique Hotel. Click on Trip Advisor and you can see the hotel on the top of the list of one of the best luxury boutique hotels in Penang. It is a no brainer why it isnt – it’s location within the heart of a World Heritage Site, next door to the 1810 Goddess of Mercy Temple and just a few minutes walk from all the major tourist icons are all winning qualities of the hotel. Don’t let the hotel’s sleepy exterior fool you, hid in a little corner behind the temple and next to the Georgian Church, the hotel’s  facade opens up to a different world altogether.

The reception lobby is so elaborately designed and decorated complete with chinoiserie cabinets, opium day beds, heavily ornamented furniture that teleports you back in the early days. Fans of @ihaveathingwithfloors would find themselves in tile heaven, with mosaic tiles stretching from across the corridors ( which served as my countless shoefie backgrounds, I apologize). As a person with an old soul, I was served with a roller coaster of emotions and feelings as tread around the vicinity of the halls. You can barely even spot hints of modernity on the property, which is something I find very pleasing. Instant first impression was great and I have acquired a strong sense of curiosity to find out how my room was going to look like.

Walking up the huge spiral staircase to my suite, the staff explained that there are 18 rooms including two family suites in the hotel. My suite was the Stewart Suite, and walking towards it in itself was an experience. Look at the massive corridor lined with Elizabeth Arden-like red doors next to the courtyard below.

With a quick unlock from an old-fashion turn of a key (yup, no card entry here), I was greeted with a mammoth sight. A two-storey room (that is an understatement) with the living area and a massive partitioned bathroom downstairs and a Queen-sized bed on the next floor. The setup of the suite is incredibly en pointe, lushly decorated to match the decadent reception lobby setting.

A quick climb upstairs is the huge, plushy bed, ready to receive just my minute self on it.

Not to be outdone by the living area, the hotel bear no holdbacks when it comes to the suite’s bathroom either.

The suite has a rather sizeable section for an expectedly relaxing shower experience. Though my suite does not come inclusive with a bathtub (I barely use the one I have at home anyway), the overhead rainshower head above you will get that top-to-toe (and beyond) cleansing ritual covered beyond what you would normally anticipate compared to the regular 2×4 space in most other boutique hotels.

I had minimal time to spend at the premise, before my 8 o’clock appointment to cover and recce most of the spots around Georgetown later, I took the time to take snaps and explore more of the hotel. The hotel manager took time to bring me around the vicinity, walking along breathtaking setups like these before my afternoon tea appointment by the pool at 4pm.

I was later invited for an afternoon tea session, none like your typical British tea regulars, but with samosas, vades and sweet savoury kuehs (traditional local savory foods) instead. The china adorns this presentation eloquently, and sitting right next to the pool, the atmosphere was serene and very relaxed. Despite its location within the most popular part of the city, the entire scene was very pristine.

When sundown hits, the light play is majestic, as candles in mason jars were being lit and lined along the corridor stretch. The activity downstairs was buzzing too, as the Kebaya restaurant and Bababar bar lounge comes alive at night. As it was open to public, hoardes of locals and tourists alike congregate the place, which serves classic Indo and Straits Chinese Nyonya dishes, refined with French cooking techniques that makes your dining experience an elevated form of peranakan food indulgement.

I couldn’t lounge around too long, and I had to make an early leave, but the short stay was well worth a callback. Since I have always been a Penangite (mother was from Penang), coming back here will definitely a must, especially for couples and families who would prefer to immerse in Georgetown’s most revered historical allure.

Even for couples who’d like to skip the usual backpacker itinerary and opt to splurge and spoil themselves; Seven Terraces comes at play as the most perfect spot for that. Just a few minutes out of the hotel is the famous Restoran Antarabangsa (cheep beer!) and the Love Lane stretch; lined with eclectic coffee houses and those iconic buildings and murals are seen.

Don’t take my word for it, come over for short stay, and you would probably find your self another excuse to go for a break just to stay at this hotel.

Seven Terraces is located at Stewart Lane, 10200 Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia.