Opium KL

19th Century Oriental Fusion

Situated at the corner of Changkat and Jalan Nagasari, Opium exudes an eclectic and oriental ambiance. The ‘Chinese Opium War’ inspired restaurant is comprised of décor from all over Asia including an extensive collection of custom furnishings. The restaurant has an alluring 19th century feel and the cuisine can be described as oriental-fusion. Opium serves a variety of dishes and intricately presented cocktails that are crafted to perfection.  Hand made menus hold all of the food and beverage masterpieces that Opium has to offer. Even with top-notch chefs, each item must undergo extensive scrutiny to ensure that the flavours and presentation make the cut. I could immediately see the effort that goes into ensuring that each dish is prepared to Opium’s highest standards. The effort definitely pays off though, because my experience dining at Opium was nothing short of an amazing evening.


Now I’ll share with you the assortment of dishes and drinks that led to making Opium a restaurant I will most definitely come back to. Opium is known for outstanding cocktails served in ways that only an artist could pull off. Tonight’s cocktails of choice were ‘Black Dragon’ and ‘Consort Yang’. Black dragon was an amazing display consisting of a ceramic goblet which was actually put inside a tea pot filled with dry ice. This vodka drink was infused with crème de cassis, lemon juice, and black berry. The ‘Consort Yang’ was a beautifully crafted gin cocktail with notes of lychee, ginger flower, and kaffir lime leaves, giving the palette a smooth and tropical essense.


For appetisers, we went with ‘Lamb frit balls’, ‘Phoenix dumplings’, and ‘Scallops with soya glaze’. The lamb frit balls were dangerously delicious. The preparation of the lamb starts in the morning to ensure that the tenderness is to perfection. Coated with a crispy exterior and dipped in sambal mayonnaise – this is one dish that is a must have. Phoenix dumplings were another delicious surprise. The intermingling of a variety of seafood makes this dumpling a complex and tasty Asian appetiser. The scallops with soya glaze were presented on a delicate shell, which was very appealing to the eye. The glaze gave the scallop a succulent punch of flavour, making this appetiser another must-have item.


Moving on to the main course: ‘Kong Po angus beef medallions’ and ‘Curry Spaghettini with salmon’. The dish that won the award for me this evening was the Kong Po angus beef medallions. The beef was extremely tender and cooked flawlessly. Complemented by quinoa and vegetable tempura, this dish was culinary perfection. The curry spaghettini was also a delightful main course. It was sort of a fusion dish somewhat resembling traditional curry mee but enhanced with salmon and spaghetti noodles. The tofu, egg, and green beans were delicious, as was the mouth-watering curry gravy.


For dessert we had ‘cheesy banana fritters’ which was hard to resist. The melt-in-your-mouth banana fritters were amazing, especially covered in home-made caramel ice cream. Would definitely order this one again! We were also lucky enough to try the Chinese New Year dessert, a seasonal delicacy. The New Year cake is deep fried and accompanied by mandarin orange and coconut mouse. The manager was lovely and gave us some history behind this traditional dessert.


Overall, I was extremely impressed with the cuisine, ambience, and customer service. I highly recommend the restaurant as a venue for a dinner party or for a romantic oriental fusion meal.

For more information and reservation, go to OpiumKL.com or their official Facebook page www.facebook.com/opiumkl .


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