UK Property Investment

At KLEM We Believe that Property Should Form at Least Part of a Client’s Overall Pension Plan

For all our friends abroad we like to recommend this long term investment product.

At KLEM we believe that property should form at least part of a client’s overall pension plan. This bricks and mortar investment remains the one and only income producing asset that ‘buys itself’ through its own income generation, providing an index linked income for life.

Prosperity focus on providing an affordable way for clients to access UK property as an income producing tool; by paying off the clients mortgage more quickly through guaranteed, high performing rental yields, thus creating a long term income producing asset for life.

This ‘packaged’ product is unique in the market, allowing clients to:

  1. Pay deposits monthly, eliminating large lump sum payments
  2. Clients access UK property at institutional prices i.e. accessing individual discounted property at fund manager prices – so whichever local property you choose to compare against the values presented for our developments, we guarantee you will not find the same value for money. The discounts we show are real; they are proven by what is selling locally so we are confident, passionate even, that our prices cannot be beaten.
  3. Enjoy a complete hands-off property investment as we are geared up to manage the whole process from start to finish – with FSA regulated rental guarantees in place from completion, clients have 100% protection from voids and any potential for missed payments, removing any client concerns over rental income and property management.
  4.  Pay off 100% of their property purchases on average of just twelve years – Client payments are only required for the initial 24 months, followed by a guaranteed rental income covering over 100% of mortgage – based on our high rental yields.


Option 1: The ‘Monthly and Mortgage Plan’ (Very Popular)

Pay a 3% reservation fee (minimum of £3000) plus £500 legal fees. Your 30% deposit is then divided by the number of build term months and paid on a monthly basis.

After two years a mortgage is arranged for you.

The property is then rented with fully rental guarantee. You can utilize the rental income as a contribution toward your payments from month 25



 Option 2: The ‘Lump Sum Purchase Plan’

Pay 8 payments of 12.5% across a scheduled two year period.



Option 3: The ‘Sixty Month Purchase Plan’

Introducing the first ever 0% finance property purchase plan. Unique to the market, this plan allows full payment of your chosen property across just 60 monthly installments, utilizing the rental income as a contribution toward your payments from month 25. Similar to Option 1, monthly payments are made across the build period.

Year 2 – build is complete, full letting and management is arranged by Prosperity on your behalf and a 40% rental income allocation is paid to you as you own 40% of the asset. This income is ultimately an off-set against your continuing monthly payments.

Year 3 (36 months) your rental allocation increases to 60%.

Year 4 (48 months) your rental allocation increases to 80%.

Year 5 (60 months) sees completion of payments and the property owned outright. 100% rental allocation from year 6 and onwards.

After just five short years, you will own a fully paid for UK property. Sell it, rent it, live in it, pass it on to your children or retain it as part of your estate, it’s your choice.

There are numerous developments across the UK. Here’s an example of a client purchasing a one bedroom property within their current development Abbey Park 1:

Purchase Price: One bedroom apartment with parking – £79,795

  • Reserve your property with £3000, plus £500 legal fees
  • There are now only 24 payments of £997 to be paid
  • This creates a 30% deposit with a 70% mortgage arranged on completion
  • The mortgage is then covered by the guaranteed rental income from completion
  • Client owns an income producing asset for life.

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Image by flickr/Jesse Wagstaff