Vinyl Records @ Piring Piring

A Celebration of Tunes & Tucking In

Piring Piring. I had no idea what it means or what kind of event it will be, just something about vinyl records.

In the taxi, the driver looked at the address Jalan Sin Chew Kee and said immediately: “Aaaa, nice place very nice!” So I ask him what’s there. “It’s a nice place, a hotel and a bar, restaurant in a pre-war building, you will like it, trust me.” he says.

Aaaa, nice place very nice!

I realized only when I arrived why he didn’t ask me the name of the place because there were only small buildings on the street and only one hotel and only one bar, so he dropped me right in front of an old 2 story building with a small entrance and a small cozy garden.

The bar is actually an old colonial type house, renovated slightly on the inside, one rooftop area and some beds upstairs. Yes, upstairs they have beds. Probably for the happy people who turn bad and need a rest after too many emptied glasses.

“Barlai” is the name of the place, the interior is quite cool and rugged, with some couches and pillows, and the garden is grandma style with a couple of chairs and a swing. The atmosphere turned to be cooler than I thought. In the beginning it was me and 5 other people having a drink and in one hour there were 50 others dressed up in the most hipster way possible and bringing with them cool vibes and lots of happy faces.

It’s one of those events where everybody knows everybody, people move from one table to another, upstairs the DJs are mixing all kinds of groovy sounds, while hundreds of new and old vinyl records were up for sale in the attic.

Before I left, the party was just warming up and getting packed. People started moving outside in the middle of the street, with drinks and conversation. It was a great groovy party in a cool vintage location. A good Sunday night indeed. Make sure to drop by for a wine, vinyl and a cigar next time ?