The Chill Phnom Penh

The cool bars and pubs, the fancy and hipster restaurants

When we decided to visit Phnom Penh last weekend, the first thing somebody asked me was: “Why?” Another friend – “what’s the point, what is there to do?” It seems that if there is no sea, no jungle, no mountain, the general impression is that there is nothing to do and no reason to go. So I went there to check for myself.

what’s the point, what is there to do?

I would say that there is “everything” to do there, except going at the beach, climbing a mountain or trekking in a jungle… It’s a city yes, a capital with traffic, tuk tuks and hot sun, but it also has a great atmosphere and a cool peaceful feeling.

We had an amazing time enjoying the simple chill vibe of this city on the river, with all the good things it has. Just the walk on the riverside is rewarding because of the calm, relaxed atmosphere that surrounds it. People chilling quietly under a tree, others taking a bath in the muddy green waters, a police officer parking his bike to have a moment of looking through the nothingness of the horizon, some children playing with their shadows under the sun and… us :)

Mekong River has a lot of history, 7th longest in SE Asia, it crosses Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, China, Myanmar and Vietnam and just the name is enough to make you think that there must be something interesting in this part of the world.

You can spend the daytime by hiring a tuk tuk and going for a ride all over the touristy places, the independence monument, the royal palace or wonder around beautiful Buddhist temples and let the monks give you their blessing. In the night-time we had a great time on a river cruise to catch the sunset. I lasts around three hours, an experience I strongly recommend to enjoy, especially because the boat is not over packed with tourists.

And of course, having a beer with 1$ and martini with 2$ made us feel right at home :) The cool bars and pubs, the fancy and hipster restaurants with all kinds of food, the architectural French influence, the khmer massages and the smiling people whistling for us to get in their tuk tuk made us consider Phnom Penh a great destination for a weekend city trip.

Relax relax and jump in a tuk tuk :)