Sunday Art Jam @ The Refinery

It’s Not About Just Going to Paint Something

Last Sunday I visited a place that has one the nicest feeling in KL, The Refinery Art Gallery and I attended it’s  regular Sunday Art Jam. I was great as usual.

First time ever when I visited Ben and his painting jam was one year ago and since then I’m visiting him on a regular basis. It’s not about just going to paint something, by the way, everything is provided there and if you don’t know how to paint, Ben can help and guide you to create a nice work of art in a couple of hours.

Sunday Art Jam @ The Refinery

Sunday Art Jam @ The Refinery

It’s more about the people there, the good energy flowing around, the smiles and the talks that you have with strangers that become friends in seconds; it’s about the connections with people that are discovering a passion, or who have one that they enjoy and share in the most happy way possible. It is basically impossible not to feel happy there. There is also a coffee shop with a good vibe in the same space and the building where the gallery is located is one of the greenest and most relaxed from entire KL, it looks like it has a small park inside with benches, really.

When I arrived with my friend Vijay on Sunday afternoon, there were around 30 people there, all creating a small original thing and in the same time greeting us with a smile and a colourful busy brush instead of hello. Ben was walking around helping everybody with what they needed, taking pictures in the meantime and moving chairs from left to right, while Ellie, our friend and artist was giving technical ideas to people about their work.

After a tea and hellos with Ben and Ellie I started talking with everybody and met Vi Cher Chua, a lawyer and a painter now, who went for a coffee next door and passed by Ben’s place and decided on the spot she would like to paint something, anything, why not – and the outcome was just amazing.


Also, Eric, working on a mobile start-up that will be launched later in the year, came with friends for an unusual artistic Sunday, to paint something even if he didn’t do this for a very long time.In the end everybody made friends, exchanged contacts, laughed, smiled and this is what counts in a Sunday afternoon, the smiles and the good relaxed time are priceless.

Don’t miss the Sunday art jam at The Refinery, it’s full of laughs and good times.