Rainforest World Music Festival

It Happens in Sarawak, in a Small Cultural Village Especially Designed for People to Get the Best of the Pure Nature

Last weekend I attended one of the most unique music festivals in the world, I would say, because I don’t think you can see everywhere so much diversity of musicians and cultures all together in the same place.

It happens in Sarawak, in a small cultural village especially designed for people to get the best of the pure nature – Rainforest World Music Festival.


It was daytime when I arrived and first I felt the wooden “streets” of the village guide me to discover everything around. Between the longhouses, the traditional homes of the Malay people, I saw everything that you can imagine in a small jungle village:  grass fields, a small beautiful lake, boats, different types of trees and more green, all perfectly arranged and preserved as if the nature created for us a second home there.


Traditional Eagle Dance workshop that made everybody watching it stand up and participate for the final session

We checked the map with events and chose to see the Traditional Eagle Dance workshop that made everybody watching it stand up and participate for the final session. In the end, all of us ended up imitating the eagle in a longhouse in a jungle :)


Of course I was on the “dance floor” with everybody, but not like an eagle, more like a tree.


We wondered all day around different longhouses where you could find amazing traditional workshops of music, art, dance and many more. In the break time, a lot of food, traditional and western, decent amount of choices.




For three days, after 6 pm you could see at least 7-8 artists and bands performing on 2 huge stages, all from different countries. Chill relaxed traditional music, like the Chinese group from Sarawak, or happy dancing music like the groups from Trinidad & Tabago or Reunion Island, forest African music, polish songs, Maldives vibes, Moroccan tones, in total 24 performers.




The pygmies from Congo were here also, with their super traditional African forest music, imitating the animals and sounds of the forest.


We cheered a glass of wine with one of them but we understood immediately from his body language that it’s not his cup of tea :)

It wasn’t crowded like the years before, but definitely it was worth going for the atmosphere and the completely special music from all around the globe.


Don’t miss it next time, till then check out the samples.

Image by flickr/lauraharveyphotography