Kuala Lumpur International Photoawards

Open, relaxed, spacious, the place gives you a feeling of elegance and minimalism

Hi everybody, for this week I definitely recommend you to visit the Kuala Lumpur International Photoawards. I saw the exhibition on Saturday, right at the award ceremony moment and it was great.

First of all, the location is one of the best for this kind of things, Whitebox Publika, some of you I’m sure you know it – open, relaxed, spacious, the place gives you a feeling of elegance and minimalism that allows you to focus all your attention on the subject.

And the subject is represented by a collection of powerful photographs took by very talented internationally recognized artists.

I mention here Tamas Schild from Hungary, who actually won one of the awards, Mattia Passarini from Italy with a picture of 3 Pakistani children, Ian Pettigrew from Canada with his amazing project “Salty girls”, Wissley Suhen from Malaysia with the happiest man alive, one of my favourites.

Some of the artists were present at the opening and gave amazingly sincere and straight to the point speeches about their work and what it represents for them.

People were laughing, the atmosphere was one of a kind and the organizers made it perfect. My friends and I were actually considering to try our luck next year and apply with a couple of our photographs, maybe somebody will see a glimpse of talent in one of us, who knows :) Like the one bellow with my friend Steve, who got the chance to see our way of spending the weekends in KL.

For now, I give you a small preview of what you can see at Whitebox Publika until 15 August.