KLIA 2 Photogrpahy & Painting Exhibition

The Expo Presents First, Right at the Entrance, a Series of Paintings Full of Colour

Starting this week we are beginning a new editorial project that I hope you’ll enjoy: we choose an interesting and intriguing event and we attend it, document it and try to show it to you in the most sincere way. Our first, for this week, is the KLIA 2 Photo and Painting Exhibition.

I got the chance to see it right before my flight to Bangkok on Friday evening and can definitely say that it was worth it. The expo presents first, right at the entrance, a series of paintings full of colour that remind me of the Indian Colour Festival that I attended this year but the big difference is that, instead of people dancing with colours you see…fish painted in all possible possible nuances.


Behind the paintings you will find photos from traditional Malay photographs that promote festivals such as Thaipusam and right next to them you can see travel and landscape pictures that show you once more that the place where you live in has a paradise side that is almost overwhelming. You will discover portraits also, nature, a lot of street photography but why don’t I show you a glimpse of what you can still see.



The expo is open until 26 July and it gives you a good feeling right before you catch a fast flight to never-land :)


KLIA2 in collaboration with Zhi Long Shen, National Visual Arts Gallery (Balai Seni Visual Negara) and Street 2 Street (Street to Street Malaysia) bring to you the works of talented Malaysian Painters and Photographers.

Who are the artist? Come and See.
There will also be photography talks:

  • Jul 5th: Malaysian Street Photography-Direction and Method by Mr. Asrul Sani & Mr. Khairil Faizi Abdul Majid
  • Jul 12th: Human Interest and Travel-Art of Seeing by Mr. Yaman Ibrahim and Mr. Arif Kaser

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Location: Level 2M, KLIA2
Date : 25 June – 26 July 2015
Time : 10am – 10pm
Exhibition Open : Every Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday till 26th July 2015