Everest 2015

Human beings are not meant to survive at the cruising altitude of a 747!

The ones who smile when they hear Namche Bazaar know what I’m talking about here. Luckla is also the same, a symbol of the craziness and courage that we sometimes find within ourselves.

Last Sunday I had the chance to watch what I consider one of the best movies of this year, midnight premiere show at Berjaya Times Square: Everest.

Yes, I didn’t have the chance to experience what the characters in the movie did but I was fortunate enough to complete the Everest base camp trek and spend more than 3 weeks in the mountains of Nepal.


Man walking up the trail of Everest

The movie managed to capture the images and the feelings of being there just perfectly. The hot tea in the mornings, the partying before the big trek or in my case the drinking after we reached the base camp, the long narrow bridges over the nothingness and waterfalls as tall as the sky, every little detail was shot with great care and precision.


Josh Brolin plays Beck Weathers in the new movie Everest, which opens today. Photograph by Jason Boland

The actors did a great job in making us “normal” people, the simple working men with a passion for climbing mountains, realize we can be heroes as well.