Art Expo Malaysia 2015

The biggest event of this kind in Sout East Asia

Last weekend I visited Art Expo 2015, the biggest event of this kind in SE Asia, at the usual place Matrade. It was so big that you could get lost between the sculptures and the paintings of artists from all over the world. The location was great, open space, two huge halls and a restaurant.

The only misfortune was, as my friend Fraser pointed out, there was no wine available hehe. How can you look at art he said, admire it in its entire beautify, pay a hundred thousand ringgit on a painting and don’t have a glass of wine with it? Well, he has a point, but it was alright, we had a chance to get that wine after the expo, at the Coffee Art and Fringe Festival at Publika.

So, back to the expo now, we’ve met again a cool artist from Brazil that participated also last year. He recognized us watching him at the Embassy of Brazil booth and we recognized his style and saw the way he evolved and changed his vision of what he wants to do with his artistic life. He enjoys Asia a lot, has exhibits in Bangkok also but the funny thing is that he is not sure why he’s called to show his work in Asia more than Europe or South America, it just happened that they liked my work and here I am, he said.

Last year was bigger, so probably art is also going through ups and downs

Ben, my friend who has an art gallery was also there taking pictures of the new art ready to be sold; he enjoyed the work but said last year was bigger, so probably art is also going through ups and downs these days just like everything around Asian market.

There were a lot of people and a lot of amazing pieces that you would just wonder about how somebody could think of creating that. Like the 3d paintings made from thin iron strings, hundreds of them. Or like the pitch black paintings that made you search inside their darkness and inside yourself what they want to express and show.

I hope you got the chance to see the exhibition this year, if not, there’s always next year.