A Talk With Molly from Impact Hub

How Can Urban Generation Unite Communities?

This week I’m not going to tell you what event you missed and how it was :) but change the idea into something more productive. So I’ll tell you about a place that organizes events instead, this week and the next one and so on, a place that has a great vibe, a long history and that is internationally recognized as a unique idea.

It’s called Impact Hub and it has spread around the world in more than 60 cities since the 2005 start-up. It arrived in KL with the help of Molly Brown, Community Host. She was kind enough to have a chat with me over a coffee, right next to the hub’s location in Sentul and tell me more about the history if this cool project.


Positive attitude, eager for knowledge and new ideas, more than happy to communicate and to connect people through events, this is how I would describe Molly from the first impression. She likes to be straight to the point and she enjoys her job so much that she decided to travel all the way from UK to KL to make sure this project is going as she wants. Which means perfect :)

Molly  told me shortly how the Impact Hub idea started: In London 2005, a couple of friends decided to create a community centre, an innovation lab that will bring together people and their ideas offering all sorts of collaboration opportunities to develop themselves more and more.



From this idea the Hub became a full community platform that offers to its members access to a co-working friendly environment, a flexible exhibition and events space, a global platform connecting more than 10.000 entrepreneurs.



What kind of events can you organize at Impact Hub? Workshops, learning and development seminars, launching events for start-ups or corporate programs, social talks and experiments, yoga classes, unconventional events, creative artistic happenings, more or less anything that you can think of, Molly can give you a solution to make it happen.


It’s not just your events that can be organized at the Impact Hub, Molly has a full list of beautifully selected community themed events that will make you become a frequent visitor of this friendly place.

The signature event Mix N Fix, which is actually happening today, has a special theme: How can Urban Regeneration unite communities?’

As we all know, KL has grown a lot over the past few years, with skyscrapers crowding out the kampungs. But how do new developments affect the communities that live there? How can regeneration benefit the community? And how can we build a better KL while keeping everything that we love?

Also, with the new Mentoring Initiative, Hubbers can now receive access to one-on-one mentoring & support from our growing team of experts. Marketing experts, start up specialists, financiers, events managers, an Olympic Rower and more — our resident mentors will support Hubbers at any stage of business development. Drop by to book in your 30 minute session, every Thursday between 12 and 2pm – first come first served.


So if anyone is free today, it’s the best time to meet Molly and the crew from Impact Hub by attending their signature monthly event.

Mix N Fix


Get involved, check their page, sign up to the newsletter and be ready for some cool things coming your way.